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Oxva Arbiter 2, the best mainstream rta?
The best mainstream rta?
I couldn't wait to find out! Having been impressed by OXVA first attempt at an rta, the Arbiter, the facts certainly looked promising.
Leak proof (a must for me!)
Post-less build deck
Fanned airflow for improved flavour
First Impressions 
Being 24.5mm on the base, she's going to fit most devices if you don't mind the bulge up to 26mm in the middle.
First impressions upon opening the box? Proportionate! I'm a sucker for looks and the Arbiter 2 looks "right" Not too tall, not too short, not too fat and not too thin. The good start continues...
Its kept simple in the packaging, tank, fat glass (5ml), standard 2/3ml straight glass (depending on location) and accessories bag get you started, all you need really.
Picking up the tank she feels average weight. Opening the tank to see the build deck and she is very squeaky, like nails on a blackboard squeaky! This does subside as liquid is introduced but gives an insight into the machining quality of the threads. Overall the quality of the assembly looks spot on, only the scrape on the threads questioning an otherwise well made rta.
The Build
I skipped the supplied coils/cotton to use my current daily. That way I get a fairer comparison. The post less deck is simple enough to build on but the T2B fanned airflow will annoy the fatter fingered amongst us! However, it's a necessary compromise for the improvement in flavour over the original. So, does the fanned airflow work?
Well, yes, a definite improvement in flavour for me over the original Arbiter. Nice and airy and the top to bottom airflow provides a great balance of not too airy/not too tight. Couple that with no leaking, as in none, at all, nada!
So, apart from some noisy threads, she's doing well. She's whicked and ready to go, or is she? Well, no. I won't include the initial coil that broke but the first whick started fine. However it didn't last long as the liquid wasnt pulling through. *Burnt hit* So I re-wick. Now, I must point out, my daily tank is an rta and I am an rta advocate. I have had the pleasure of using pretty much every mainstream rta and seldom have issues. Yet attempt number 2 does the same. As does 3. I persevere as I know it's possible to get right. So I opt for the supplied equipment and some extreme thinning of the cotton. Finally, we're there! Flavour coming through as good as you want. Result! So, I rebuild. Of course I do 😂 need to get the balance on my own coils. I do. Lots of thinning but I get there!
In a nutshell, thin the cotton. Like, 50% needs gone. Then she'll work fine. This is a first for me as usually a quick comb is all that's needed.
Pros & Cons
Balanced looks
Quality feel
Zero leaking
Rebuild without losing liquid (particularly useful 😂) 
Great flavour
Great value
Particular. You have to get the wicking just right!
With the fat glass, the bottom of the tank doesn't have much to grab on too for removal from your device. 
Not advised for the inexperienced user.
My thoughts!
Great budget option if your looking to try something different in the wonderful world of the Rta. Perfectly priced for a starter rta but just too fiddly to recommend as a starter.
Build quality 8
Appearance 8
Flavour 8.5
Ease of use 4
Overall 28.5/40 7/10
Unboxing & build video 
Big thanks to OXVA Official and Erica Zhang for providing me with the tank for review
  • Dec 05, 2021
  • Category: Blog
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