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Pedro's Journey - From smoking to vaping

I'm Pete (Pedro, Pewel) Harrison.

For years I'd tried to quit the stinkies. Despite many efforts, something would click in my head and after doing so well I'd go back to the shop and buy a pack of stinkies.

At first, I tried patches, they didn't work they made me want to smoke more! The second attempt I used Wrigleys chewing gum. That worked until a very big surprise! My boy was born. We didn't know we were pregnant so, as you could imagine, it came as a huge surprise! To get through the shock I was smoking.

Then a few weeks later I quit again.

I used amazon and bought a kit and juice. It was a set of two of the old style screw together ecigarettes. They were really bad, but I felt like a hero as I was doing something good for my health! 

Then fast forward 3 years and the birth of my beautiful daughter. However, it wasn't all rosey as, once again, the stress of everything got on top of me and I couldn't cope. Of to the shop I went and started smoking again, sad times! Fast forward 2 months and I decided it was time to give the Vape a go again after the success I had last time. I went to the local vape stores and bought an Innokin Jem pen kit and immediately loved it. I also had a Tecc Arc Mini which, sadly, I lost on a night out with work! I was gutted.

One day I, whilst clicking through Facebook came across Jon, Jake and The Vape Vape Show family. They welcomed me in with open arms. They are informative and always there if you have questions and need answers. Thanks to VVS I can safely say I'm now headed into year 4 of quitting the stinkies and never looked back!

If you ever need any advice, just add me on Facebook 👍 

  • Oct 27, 2020
  • Category: Blog
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