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Twiisto full juice range review by Peter Harrison

I was lucky enough to win the whole range on a Vvslive live show.  I've never had lemonade flavours before and thought I'd give them a go.
I have to say I was amazed at how they have got the flavour spot on. 


Melon on the inhale and exhale. What more could you ask for. I would highly recommend this range to anyone. It's perfect on a hot summer's day

Score out of 10: 7.5

It needs more of the lemonade to come through for me. But other than that it is a very good liquid and one ive enjoyed vaping, it became my daily juice.



This was the first flavour of the range I tried and was pleasantly surprised as to how refreshing it was. It became an all day vape for me. 

The flavour profile is blueberries and lemonade. It's a perfect all day vape if you like blueberry.

Score out of 10: a very decent 8

The blue berries really come through on the inhale and exhale, really refreshed the pallet.



Upon opening the bottle and the smell that came off. Oh boy. It set off all the childhood memories of the lemonade drinks we had when younger. On the finger drip test you get a zingy lemonade flavour come through. When vaped I got the sweet lemonade taste, which set the taste buds racing.

Out of 10: 9.5

A definate all day vape for myself, I highly recommend this flavour.



Upon opening the bottle I got the kiwi come through on the smell test, when I finger tested I got a sweet kiwi come through. 

A different flavour to what I've vaped in the past, kiwi on the inhale and exhale, it cleanses the pallet nicely.

Out of 10: 8

Sweet kiwi taste, a deinately refreshing pallet cleanser. The sensation the mouth experiences is 2nd to none. Will become an all day vape for myself.



Upon opening the bottle and smelling it seems to be a synthetic berry flavour, when vaped it was very syntheticy but that could be because I used a pod system, this may change on other devices.

Out of 10: 5

The flavour is not for me, but if people like berry flavours then this is one for you. As I've said previously it may change with a different device.



Upon opening the bottle, the smell of pineapple, peaches, and apples come through, upon dripping on the finger I got the pineapple but no peach or apple. This fit the taste buds going, upon vaping it as a whole it came through as an iced tea flavour.

Out of 10: 7.5

I didn't get an exotic punch flavour as it came through as a iced tea flavour without the ice. Could definitely be an day vape for myself.



Upon opening the bottle and doing the smell test it was the same as the berry burst, upon finger dripping, oh boy the taste was amazing. When vaped it was a different sensation, the strawberry came through a lot stronger. 

This will maybe become an all day vape for myself

Out of 10: 7.5

A bonus for anyone who likes strawberry juices. It hooked me in when I started vaping it.



Upon opening the bottle and giving the liquid a smell I got a hint of lemon and orange, I dripped onto the finger I got an orange flavour. When vaped the lemon is muted on the inhale but on the exhale you get the orange. Maybe on different devices I'd get the full experience

Out of 10: 8

A definate all day vape for myself, its a shame the lemon is muted in my pod system but the orange is definitely there. A pallet cleanser for sure.


Overall these juices got the taste buds going, and we're very enjoyable to vape and I would recommend them to anyone who hasn't tried them or are looking for something different to what they've had before.

Vape on!

Peter Harrison

  • Jul 24, 2021
  • Category: Blog
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