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Wotofo SMRT Pod Kit review

This pod system was sent to us by Wotofo for the purpose of this review. This review is based on my personal and honest opinion. I'd like to thank Wotofo for sending it.


Wotofo SMRT Pod Kit Details

Before we go into the in-depth review, here are the specifications of this Manik S pod: 

 • 4.5ml big pod e-liquid capacity

 • 2000mAh Li-ion battery

 • Type-C fast charging

 • NexCHIP

 • 5 - 80 watts

Box contents

 1 x Wotofo Manik S Battery

 1 x SMRT PnP Pod Cartridge

 1 x SMRT PnP Rebuildable Coil Kit:

 • 1 x SMRT PnP rebuildable coil
 • 1 x SMRT coiling rod
 • 2 x nexM Chill coil strips (long legs, 0.2 ohms, best between 37 - 43 watts)
 • 2 x nexM Turbo coil strips (long legs, 0.2 ohms, best between 37 - 43 watts)
 • 2 x nexM Extreme coil strips (long legs, 0.2 ohms, best between 45 - 55 watts)
 • 6 x Cotton Strips

    1 x D15 Clapton M Coil (interchangeable with GTX and PnP Coils)

     1 x Charging cable (USB to USB-C)

     1 x Instruction manual + SMRT coil assembly instructions


    The pod comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a transparent plastic lid. The Wotofo branding is spot on and the pod is displayed nicely. The sides of the box tell you exactly what's to expect in the packaging.

    The battery part of the pod, which also includes the colored display, fire button and wattage up and down buttons, is made of a lightweight powder-coated aluminium. The back of the battery says "Manik" in white chunky letters, one side mentions the "designed by Wotofo" and "2000 mAh" text while the other side says "Powered by nexM technology". The front says "Nexchip Inside". I feel it's too much branding for some.

    The cartridge contains a non-removable driptip (pretty wide bore) and has a smoked black tint. It's light enough to see your liquid levels. The bottom of the cartridge contains 3 magnets that secure the pod onto the battery. It's a good connection and I'm sure it won't fall out easily.

    The one major flaw I found was the fact that they put the charge port in the bottom of the device. This requires you to leave your pod on its side while charging and this will make it more likely to leak.



    The Wotofo Manik S battery/pod uses the advanced Nexchip and shows all of the important information on the display located at the front of the battery. From top to bottom and left to right we see:

     • Battery indicator bar and percentage
     • Wattage
     • Wattage lock indicator (which closes and turns red when the wattage is locked)
     • Ohms
     • Voltage
     • Puff counter
     • Time of your last puff

      To lock the wattage on your device, you'll need to click the wattage up and down simultaneously once. If you successfully locked the wattage, the green lock above the wattage will turn red. To lock the wattage and the fire button without turning off the device, press the fire button 3 times quickly.

      To reset the puff counter you'll need to click the fire button and the wattage down button simultaneously. To change the color of the interface, click the fire button and wattage up button. Repeat this action for different colors.

      All of these functions can also be found on other pod systems which makes the experience recognizable and an easy-to-use pod.


      Building the factory / RBA coil

      This is where this pod system gets interesting. Thanks to the included manual it's very easy to build the rebuildable PnP coil. In just 8 steps you'll have your coil ready to chuck some clouds.

      I have documented the building process (which can also be found in the instructions) and highlighted some details. 

      Start with picking the mesh strip you'd like to use. The tighter the mesh, the more surface it covers, the better the flavour and clouds.

      Put down a sheet of cotton and place the mesh strip in the center of the strip. Top it off with the smaller side of the coiling rod centered on top of the mesh strip.

      To fit the coil in the PnP shell, I found it is easier to press the rod down on the mesh with one finger and pull the cotton ends together.

      Stick the cotton through the slid in the bottom part of the PnP shell with the legs of the mesh strip through the bottom of the coil. Make sure to leave the rod in there.

      To separate the legs to create a positive and a negative side you'll need the black rubber ring from the accessories bag. Put the ring around one leg and press the ring down into the bottom of the shell. Bend the leg on the outside to a little notch on the edge.

      When that's done you'll need the little plug which can be found in the accessories bag. Press it into the black rubber ring on the bottom. Snip the excess of the legs and take the rod out. When that's done you screw on the top of the coil shell and you're ready to vape.

      Check your resistance when you inserted the coil in the pod. The ohms should be right around the matching ohms on the coil packaging, if it says "atomizer short", check if the rubber ring is placed correctly and if the legs are separated and you snipped them short enough.



      So far I have only used the rebuildable coil with the NexM Chill on 43 watts and it performs quite well. The (non-adjustable) airflow is a bit too wide for my liking on this wattage, but that's just a personal opinion. The ohms are a bit lower (0.18) than what the packaging said (0.20).

      It fires instantly and consistently. It doesn't leak, however this depends on how well you've build your coil (RBA).


      Conclusion and rating

      As said before I'm not a big fan of the loose airflow, but the pod has been built really well. Due to its lightweight it's an easy one to take with you.

      The best thing about this pod is the way you rebuild the PnP coils. It's an easy and durable option for everyone who likes to build their own coils, likes a pod system over an RTA or RDA and doesn't like to spend hundreds of pounds on factory-made coils each year.

      I hope Wotofo will soon bring out the same rebuildable coil system for pods and tanks from other brands. This one is here to stay.


      Pros and cons

      + Rebuildable PnP mesh coil 

      + Lightweight

      + E-liquid capacity 


      - Non-removable driptip

      - USB-C charge port on the bottom

      • Mar 22, 2021
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