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Yes Muka! Muka? Made in the United Kingdom  Approved. If we have worked with them, they manufacture in the UK and deliver a great combo of service and product, they get the M.U.K.A seal of approval! Dsigned to provide you with the reassurance that you are shopping with a reputable, quality UK based company supporting the vape industry

Support The UK Vaping Industry

Imagine what would happen if everyone bought thier products from Fleebay, or Slow-Tech etc. The UK industry would come crashing down. So rather than cost jobs, lets make jobs!

The Uk vape scene is in our blood

At Vape Vape Enterprise, we are all about serving the community. From the charity auctions to shop visits, from promoting UK talent to providing info on our live shows. If its Vape related and especialy UK related, we want to know about it!

Are you MUK?

Does your company support the UK vaping industry? Do you make juice?, run a shop? Make bespoke equipment? Then we want you! Get in touch with us as we would love to see what you do. Drop us an email or PM the show on Facebook and lets get you out there!