Vaperz Cloud Rulebreaker - Killer Bees

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***WARNING***Not for the inexperienced! 

Stand back! The power house that is the Vaperz Cloud Rulebreaker is here! This mod has never been fired, in fact, it isn't even working! BUT, don't worry, that's how it is supposed to come! So you know your device inside out, the guys at Vaperz Cloud have deliberately made it so you have to dismantle the device before use. 

Fear not, it's not that hard and if you don't think you can do it then this isn't the device for you anyway! Why? 12.6v of unregulated power, that's why!

What does this mean?

200 watts on Single Battery Mech = 50 amp pull

200 watts on Dual Battery Series = 25 amp pull

200 watts on Triple Battery Series = 16.67 amp pull

Vaperz Cloud Rulebreaker - Killer Bees

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